December 12, 2001

The One Ring


Rob and I bought our tickets to Fellowship of the Ring tonight. We decided to pass on the Tuesday at 12:10 am show at the Metreon. It’s too bad because I’m sure all the costumed Hobbits and Wizards and Rangers will be at the midnight shows on opening day. But sanity prevailed upon us at the last moment.

In any case, I plan to have finished reading the book by then and between that and the trailer (and the fact that the movie is three hours long!) I’m completely psyched for the film.

Also: Good, great, right. If you do what I do (or anything similar) read this.

[Update: Bryce has just reminded me that he and I both hate Elijah Wood. This is true, and (for my part at least) primarily stems from Forever Young but it supported strongly by The Good Son (no, I didn’t see it but come on) and Deep Impact. However, he did good stuff in The Ice Storm (who didn’t?) and he just looks like Frodo should doesn’t he? So I’m hoping for the best.]