January 21, 2002

Back to the City

La Jolla Shores

Thanks to everyone for making this weekend fun. Tabitha, Scott, Sam, Amrita, Sean, Rob and anyone I’m foolishly leaving off this list. To everyone I missed seeing this time around, I hope we meet up next time or that you come up this way real soon.

I had a fun and relaxing weekend but it’s nice to be home as well. I now officially hate the airports. I didn’t realize what a thin thread I’d been hanging on to before the airports turned into such a pain in the ass but now it’s a thousand times worse. And I swear all the “security” doesn’t run as deep as they try to make it seem by forcing you to take off your shoes every fifteen minutes and run your computer through the x-ray machine three times.

Hmm… but aside from the airports and the planes and the shuttles. All was good.

In other, more impressive news, oodles of high-school friends are getting engaged. No, not to each other. And several are already married. So amazing. Congratulations to all. We’re getting old people. Very very old. Maybe we’re not that old. But we’re definitely not that young. Hmm. I’m going to bed.

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