January 9, 2002

Macworld SF 2002, Day One

Cameron the Alien captures the essence of Macworld better than any of these others. I myself went over at lunch, bought a hot dog, donned my badge and found a pretty new iMac to play with. The best part of the Apple booth is always the sheer volume of slack-jawed Apple-fanatics who crowd around the latest gizmos. I drove right in, slack-jawed, and started pushing and pulling and twisting the 15-inch LCD screen. That’s when the screen snapped off in my hands. (Not quite.) The neck’s connection to the screen is a little flimsy on both the iMacs I played with. But the screen, the TINY little computer at the base with the optical drive which seems to emerge from nowhere, the adjustable neck and the bleached keyboard and mouse made for a very snazzy package. I shunned my fantasies of making off with one hidden under my shirt and grabbed instead all the posters and booklets I could carry. And got the hell out of there.