January 28, 2002



I was contentedly spending the day working away on the computer when Rob invited me walking. The idea of getting exercise appealed to me, changing out of my bathrobe did not. Nevertheless, half an hour later or so I found myself standing in front of Rob’s parking garage. We zipped down to the water and walked out to Fort Point. (An old Army base, I think, which sits just under the southside of the Golden Gate Bridge.)

It was a beautiful day and later I thought how lucky I was to have spent my last two Sundays walking along great stretches of the California coast.

Yesterday I managed to get my apartment a bit more organized but it’s still got a way to go. Plus I did some cooking and washed and cleaned a bunch of stuff. I also did a little shopping and finally bought some CD-Rs so I got most of my files backed up which is always a stress relief. I’ll never stop kicking myself for the reformatting fiasco of the summer of 98. Ugh.

[Note: Photo at right by R. Christensen.] =-)

[Update: Don’t miss the link above. I took a bunch of nifty photos on the walk.]