February 19, 2002


Invader Zim

If you’ve been living in a cave, two of the best shows on TV have been canceled. Futurama has about a year’s worth of unaired episodes left but Fox hasn’t ordered any more. And Invader Zim has been cut from Nickelodeon.

Now, I hardly watch any TV these days. I don’t get Nickelodeon and I usually forget to watch Futurama, but these two shows are better than 90% of the rest of the crap of television combined. So do what you can to save both won’t you?

You can start buy signing the Invader Zim petition.

[Update: Nick, who has never seen the show, has nonetheless picked up the sword of righteousness and signed the petition. Thanks buddy!]

[Further: There are currently, 38366 signatures! Good lord. I wonder if those can possibly all be legitimate. Seems unlikely doesn’t it? I also wonder if web based petitions like this carry much weight. The makers of Futurama encourage people to send written letters to Fox, rather than e-mails…]

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