February 14, 2002

Happy Looove Day

We here at iWalt.com love all our visitors. One in a romantic way, some in a familial way, most in a platonic, “thanks for stopping by” kind of way. But no matter which way it is, we’re all about love.

We’ve got some nifty elevators here at work. People have been trapped between floors, sometimes the doors open before the elevator finishes moving, and the other day I reached out to keep the doors from closing to let someone else on and the doors just closed on my hand. It was quite painful. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to hit the emergency stop button but later I thought, “What if my hand were part of the way through the door?” Fortunately it wasn’t and I still have all my fingers, but I learned an important lesson. Always hit the emergency button. And carry a portable power saw.

[Love-related: The cofounder of /. proposed to his girlfriend on the web site this morning. Result? Success.]

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