February 26, 2002


Rob and I (and Rob’s friend Chris (and someone Rob knows from work (and her S.O.))) went to the SF chapter of SIGGRAPH’s “A Night With Pixar” Monday night. Very cool. Four Pixar employees described their roles in detail and demonstrated how their work adds to the film. One was a conceptual artist who worked on early sketches and storyboards. One did the blocking and framing for each scene. One was an animator. And one was a computer graphics specialist. (The kind of guy who makes sure the computer takes care of making Sulley’s hair move well even when it’s colliding with other objects.) I was really glad to have gone and feel like I have a much better sense of how the Pixar process works. Still though, it’s amazing what they can do.

I’m finally starting to dig the latest build of OmniWeb. Their CSS-rendering has really improved. I still think it’s kind of a strange browser but they seem to be improving it faster than anyone else is improving theirs.

[Update: Jessyca pointed out to me that it was SIGGRAPH’s gig, not AIGA. Which is true.]

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