February 4, 2002

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Massive Sandwich

Too long between blogs. Thoughts piling up. I’m addicted. Need my fix. Here we go:

Tabitha’s off to her grad school interviews. I haven’t talked to her for 24 hours. That’s too damn long. =-) While we were talking yesterday she said something about being out of her natural habitat for a week. Tabitha. Habitat. Anagrams. I don’t know, I’m weird.

“I bent my Wookie!” — Ralph Wiggum. (The episode where Lisa and her rival play anagram games.) [Incidentally, also the infamous bee episode.]

Rob drove me up and back to and from Santa Rosa for the Super Bowl yesterday where we watched the game with our respective families. If you know me you know that I have a condition which makes it impossible for me to pay attention to sports for more than 200 consecutive seconds. I really try. But I always discover (to my surprise) that I’ve picked up a magazine or walked into the other room. I was happy the Patriots won (since that’s who Dad was routing for) and it was a very exciting conclusion. Which I did see and was paying attention to. =-)

Earlier in the weekend, I rearranged my kitchen/den, put up the Ikea shelf, and assembled the Target bookcase. Yes, I buy cheap furniture. I put up some posters as well which make the room much more cozy. But now the living room/bedroom is jealous.

[Photo: Rob’s massive Super Bowl sandwhich. Photo by Rob.]

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