March 14, 2002

And don't it feel good?

It’s “all ‘80s music, all the time” today. I’ve been surfing through iTunes’ streaming audio channels a lot more since I read that the U.S. Copyright Office is planning to shut down independent internet radio sites with the DMCA. Today I’ve settled into ‘80s radio.

Can you listen to “Walkin’ On Sunshine” without picturing Jack Black making an ass out of himself in High Fidelity? Me neither.

[Also: Thanks to Scott for keeping the DVD database fresh by adding the latest disc. I fixed the link to the image. And I updated my Netflix list. Just about through with Netflix for a while.]

[Finally: UNIX Under the Desktop quotes a great little blurb on Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass. “I can write Cocoa apps, PHP-based web sites, Tomcat web applications, AppleScripts or Perl scripts. I can use Project Builder, Emacs or vi. I’ll have my choice of MySQL or PostgreSQL to use as a back-end database. I’ll use Apache as my web server. And it is all free! If I’m willing to spend a little cash, I can also run Word or Photoshop. I may even watch a DVD…”]

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