March 10, 2002

Released The Trailer Is

Star Wars Episode 2

I’ll say this for LucasFilm and the Star Wars Prequels, they know how to put together a trailer. The Episode II Clone War trailer reminds me of how incredibly hyped the Episode I trailer had me. Another thing I’ll say is that they really know how to put together a battle scene. A battle scene in which very little isn’t computer-generated and no one ever seems to die. And the compositing between the “live” elements in the scenes and the CG bits is amazing. Simply amazing.

And apparently Jar Jar isn’t allowed to speak in this one. Anakin: “Hey! Jar Jar! How ya doin’?” Jar Jar smiles. Anakin: “What’s wrong buddy? Doncha remember me?” Padme: “He can’t talk.” Anakin: “Why? What happened?” Padme: “He pulled that eating-apples-by-snagging-them-with-his-tounge trick one too many times and someone cut it off.” Jar Jar shrugs. Anakin: “Bummer. Hey look out! Clones!”

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