March 21, 2002

The Web

I went to see Derek Powazek and Matthew Haughey speak last night at UC Berkeley. It was cool to get to hear two of the more “rock-star status” webloggers describe their process in the creation of their various webby endeavours. Such as Fray and MetaFilter. Definitely into trying to hit up more “shows” with cool speakers.

So, I’m reading Dave Winer’s bit on Google supposedly banning certain Scientology-bashing sites and I can’t help but notice that if you search for Scientology on Google right now the “offending” site shows up in the results. It’s the fourth one down. And it’s also one of the ads. What the hell? Also, read Dave’s story. It’s good stuff to know.

[Update: Ah, /. has the scoop on the relisting. Right on! I’m still freaked out about this Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act thing. Not because it will make it impossible to copy software and music, because it sounds insane.]