April 3, 2002

Learn and Share

Work From Home: A fabulous piece of web journalism. iWalt.com could use some in-depth reporting of its own… Nah, I’ve got enough on my plate.

Feeling irrationally annoyed about: Women who say “my girlfriend” instead of “my friend”. Unless you are in some way romantically attached to the person, why can’t she just be your friend? Why must it be qualified only in the girl-to-girl usage? Guys would never say “girlfriend” unless she was his girlfriend. And men and women would never say “boyfriend”. (Unless he was her/his boyfriend.) But women say “girlfriend” with wild abandon for the convention of assigning romantic relationships. I just don’t understand. =-)

This explains why I spent many frustrating hours last night beating my head against the wall. Why couldn’t he have posted this yesterday!?

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