May 25, 2002

Sunny Day

Tabitha and I stalked a seal, made out like bandits while shopping in La Jolla (I bought shorts and sandles, gasp!), avoided sunburns through the liberal application of goo, consumed an impressive quantity of ice cream, and were fantastically lucky with catching buses.

Many photos were taken and I’ll try to post at least a couple of them soon.

[Also: VersionTracker, a site I visit frequently not out of love for its beauty or design but rather because I have a sick addiction to always using the absolute latest version of every piece of cool software I can get my hands on, has recently managed to make their site drastically uglier than its ugly predecessor. There’re lots of little changes worth complaining about that didn’t need to be made and uglify the site, most having to do with font styles and sizes, and the rest having to do with the fact that there’s just too much crap on the screen, but the thing that pushed me over the edge was that yellow “Pro” tab. Why?! We know there’s a Pro tab, it’s always been there. Why make it yellow? Why!]

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