May 10, 2002

Sweet Justice


For the past three months, I have been haunted by an unspeakable terror. When Tabitha scored an impossibly high score of 412 on my Yahtzee game, I vowed to spend every waking hour desperately striving to reclaim the top score. I shortly got very sick and tired of playing Yahtzee. As anyone can tell you, Yahtzee is not about extraordinarily high scores. In it’s pure form, it’s about competing with others over the course of six or so games, managing your points, and playing the odds. In a single-player environment, all that goes out the window. Then it becomes about getting as many Yahtzees as humanly possible.

Today, I got three Yahtzees in the same round and scored 481. Booyeah. =-) The ball is in your court sweetie.

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