June 17, 2002

Nielsen at Pixelsurgeon

“If something is unusable to even one person, then it ‘does’ have usability problems and is not the perfect design.” This man is insane and has to be stopped. =-) What about art Jakob? What about beauty?

This and more deranged ideas about usability from the self-appointed man himself at the Pixelsurgeon interview.

[Also: New version of Internet Explorer out today for Mac OS X. Unfortunately there is nothing impressive about this update. It simply activates the Quartz rendering engine abilities that were made possible in the 10.1.5 update to the OS. Fortunately you can turn it on and off. So I guess there’s no reason not to upgrade.]

[Help: Why in the sweet world can’t I tell Amazon that I bought some of the things I bought for other people? Why must it always assume that I own all these things? I realize that you can tell Amazon not to use certain items when making recommendations for you but they need to go the next step and make it possible for you to remove items from the list of things it thinks you own.]

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