June 11, 2002



An all new Yahoo. Frankly, I will miss all the bits of Old Yahoo that haven’t changed since the early days when I started using it. That title graphic, for example, is classic. On the other hand, the Yahoo! home page has become cluttered over the years and the redesign does look quite a bit cleaner.

TiBooks and iBooks are popping up among the blogging elite, O’Reilly is actually having a Mac OS X conference, and even Rob has purchased an iPod. Now Apple takes the battle for market share to the next level with a big new ad campaign focused on “real” people switching. (Thank goodness iCards isn’t a global nav element anymore.)

Heather Hamilton (formerly of Dooce.com) is writing again. This time it’s for The Morning News and it’s a fabulous bit about how she came to realize that her dog is capable of advanced logic.

If the Matrix wants the city of Sydney to shut down in order to shoot “the most complicated sequence ever filmed” then that’s simply what has to be done.

The group South Park photo has been updated. Keep those personas coming in and please don’t JPEG them.

Viva la Web Standards Project! (Recently relaunched and better than ever.) Also, Netscape 4.0 is five years old today. For the love of all humanity, stop supporting this browser!

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