July 9, 2002

Downright Toasty

Mr. Seal

Man it’s hot in Berkeley today. It was even plesantly warm in the city, as well as yesterday. And I have to say that a warm San Francisco can just about win out over a warm San Diego. Unfortunately, I suspect that these past few days consist of about 20% of San Francisco’s so-called summer. =-)

So let’s see: I spent my Fourth of July weekend down in San Diego. Wasn’t able to get to everything I’d hoped to (apologies to the BBQ crew) but I got around as much as possible and had a very nice weekend. Highlights include: Trattoria Acqua, La Jolla Cove, Men In Black 2 (more of a way to kill time than a highlight), California Pizza Kitchen with Jess and Mitch, finishing Sick Puppy, and finally the Birch Aquarium at Scripps. And, of course, anything I’ve left out.

My last trip to San Diego is coming up soon and I’m thinking that maybe I should suggest that if any of the remaining San Diegans want to see Tabitha and I off finally we could all meet up at Poor Boy around noon on the 20th. Let me know what you think about that.

[Photo: The seal is actually from the previous trip to San Diego but he really wanted to be in the blog…]

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