July 19, 2002

Going, Going, Going, Going... Gone.

This weekend I’m taking the trip down to San Diego for the last time. Unless it’s a vacation or I move back. Neither of which seem very likely at this point. I lived down there for six years and spent another year flying back and forth every month or so. This time it’s a one-way flight followed by a half-day U-Haul. I’ll miss the beaches and the weather, the school and the city, and the friends and the friends-of-friends.

But I won’t be missing Tabitha anymore. =-)

[Also: What in the sweet hell is going on with the stock market? I sure hope Greenspan’s right. If so, if it can’t go much lower and the economy is healthier than the scandals-ridden market would lead you to believe, if you’re not scared out of your wits, it could be getting close to the right time to buy.]

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