July 15, 2002

Springy Clean

I spent some time trying to get all my books and clothes and dishes squared away this weekend in anticipation of Tabitha’s arrival next weekend. Then, hopefully, she can move in without the Waltmess to contend with.

I’ve also gotten a bunch of work done on iWalt.com though it’s not visible yet. My understanding of CSS has become considerably clearer and I’ve got something cool that seems to render well in Mozilla (and thereby Netscape 6) and Internet Explorer 5 for Mac. So I’m pretty happy about that. Just a bit more tweaking to be done.

And finally I had a frustrating time setting up an old computer I was hoping to use as another way to browse the web and watch DVDs and possibly other types of video through its a/v jacks. The video is coming through squished, purple and fuzzy, and the CD-ROM drive isn’t reading disks at all. Bummer.

[Also: I managed to pack in a 24 hour trip up to the folks’ place to visit with them and Art and Nani. Very nice to be able to zip up there and see everybody.]