July 10, 2002

The Tip Jar

Ken Kennedy writes about how to be an artist and still get paid in the 21st century. How? Voluntary micropayments. Interesting stuff. Seems like it would work. [Via Doc.]

[Completely unrelated: You know what would be good for doing screen schematics, or navigation prototpyes, or wireframes, or whatever you want to call them? HyperCard. Why isn’t there a tool like this around anymore? I know: the Internet. But HyperCard had simple drawing tools and the ability to hyperlink between cards. And a scripting language if I remember correctly. That would make a great environment for rapidly developing site mockups. Oh well.]

[Later: Holy crap, you can still buy HyperCard. That’s amazing. Something tells me it’s not Carbonized and never will be. We need an open source HyperCard movement.]