August 29, 2002

San Francisco 8, Montreal 4

Giants at bat.

Dad and I made it over to Pac Bell Park last Sunday for the Giants/Expos game. Dad brought the peanuts, I took some photos, and the home team won. There were even a couple exciting moments including a close play as Barry Bonds slid into home plate. It was my first visit to Pac Bell Park. A good time was had by all.

In other parent news, Mom’s amazing advertising skill got my bed sold in less than 48 hours with no ad budget. So the King-sized sleep machine is finally gone. (Much to everyone’s relief.)

Meanwhile, Tabitha and I have been sampling more markets and some laundromats in Berkeley and still working to get our apartment completely squared away. The effort will continue this weekend with trips to Costco, Ikea, and possibly the dump.

I’ve been working on projects, digging the new Apple operating system, and working on getting the Blogizer updated to work with Jaguar. But the real treat today was finding CandyBar, the awesome joint-venture of Panic and The Icon Factory.

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