August 6, 2002



I didn’t really get into music as a commodity I couldn’t live without until sophomore year in college. I listened to my parents music when I was young, when I started driving I really liked oldies music, toward the end of high school I started noticing bands like Green Day, Offspring and Weezer. But none of these phases amounted to much. If you asked me I couldn’t tell you what genres of music I liked or what my favorite bands were because I just didn’t care. People said this made me weird. Whatever.

My point here isn’t that I now am a well-adjusted music addict (which isn’t true), or that the music I relied on that year in college helped me keep from losing my mind (which is true), but rather simply this:

It still surprises me how much a song from when I was very young and oblivious to most music can still cut to the core and make me remember with perfect clarity some snippets of life from that time. This was made evident to me once again, just now, with Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.

How sad is that? =-)

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