August 20, 2002

The Beat Goes On

Mom is the latest addition to the South Park personas. Thanks! =-)

Moments before noticing a very tiny inchworm (more of a centimeterworm really) making its way up the zipper of my jacket as I sat on the BART from the 12th Street Oakland station to the North Berkeley station (did it get on in Oakland or had it been with me since San Francisco’s Powell Street station? Shudder.) I had been reading On The Road, which I’d cracked the spine of a year earlier but had since been gathering dust. I was thinking that I must have become desensitized to the wacky behavior of the Beat crew from modern films like Fear and Loathing and Fight Club. I suppose at the time the book was published and in the atmosphere that those event took place, it would all seem very unconventional, zany even. I think I’m not getting the historical context well enough to see their adventures as being particularly wild.

What else, what else, what else: Tara Sue Grubb is the first candidate for Congress to have a weblog. I’m not sure she’s doing the best job of it, but it’s interesting to watch things unfold for her. It makes me hopeful that weblogs will be something fundamental to the future of a representational government. Her opponent is spearheading a bill which gives organizations the right to hack into other people’s systems to see whether copyrighted material is being exchanged. That’s a lot of privacy being thrown out.

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