September 4, 2002


Today I came across a snazzy article about using a bunch of Apple technologies to facilitate a form of audioblogging. Audioblogging is the practice of including a bit of sound as part of your weblog. A handfull of bloggers have done some cool things with it so far.

The article is a little off the mark in that is shows out to automatically generate a computer-generated vocal transcript of the text of your blog, rather than a digitization of your own voice. I’d really like to take the script he provides to the next step, where the script would record both the information regarding the link you want to audioblog about and record your own verbal audio, digitize it and upload it to your website as part of your blog.

I discovered a couple days ago that there’s actually a built-in microphone hidden in the left-hand speaker in every PowerBook G4. Leonard Lin wrote a small piece on recording low-resolution audio on his PowerBook at OSCON. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an AppleScriptable audio digitizer app available for Mac OS X yet.

So for the time being I won’t be blathering away verbally on (Although, Lin was using a command-line digitizer and AppleScript can issue commands to the Terminal…)

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