September 21, 2002


It used to be that when I wanted to backup the database I had to open a web browser, launch the phpMyAdmin tool on the server, enter my username and password, scoll down the page, select all the tables I want to download, set a bunch of settings, select where to download the file, wait for the download to finish, open the file in BBEdit, convert the linebreaks to UNIX, save the file, launch the Terminal, launch mysql by entering the username, password and database, run the import command by specifying the file, wait for the import to finish, quit mysql, quit the Terminal, quit BBEdit, launch the phpMyAdmin tool on my laptop, and confirm that the tables have been updated.

This morning I wrote an AppleScript and put it in my Script Menu. I launch it, select which table or tables to transfer, enter my password, and I’m done. Booyeah.