September 29, 2002

North-South Friends

My weekends are usually pretty hectic these days but this one in particular took the taco. It was nice to have Nick in town hanging out and seeing the sights. Add to that an excellent party and a whole lot of heavy lifting. Finally, throw in some extremely late nights (by my new Tabithized bedtime standard) and you’ve got this weekend. Live fast and die young I say. (Yeah right.)

I wasn’t able to move from the couch for quite a while tonight and at the moment my eyelids are screaming at me to shut ‘em and let ‘em rest. But they’re not getting off the hook that easily. The eyes still need to scan all the RSS headlines, check out the new and improved Dooce, and absorb anything else I can think of before my brain completely shuts itself off.

[Later: I love it when jumping on the computer late at night actually fuels the brain and gets it spinning again. So much to read and go and see and do.]