September 23, 2002

Out With The Old

I’m so sick of VersionTracker. Their interface is so sloppy and annoying I can’t even stand to use it anymore. This was kind of a problem because I have a healthy addiction to always getting the latest software the instant it becomes available. So I was quite annoyed.

Until today, that is, when I discovered a fabulous piece of Mac OS X software. MacUpdate is a lot like VersionTracker but with a much slicker interface and this. It’s a Menu Extra which pulls a list of the latest software updates into your Mac OS X menu bar. In one click you can see what’s new, short descriptions of what they all do, and link directly to their source to begin the download.

Of course, Apple decided to be cute and cripple third party Menu Extras so you need a Haxie to make it work. But once it does, it’s completely slick.

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