October 28, 2002


Today we noticed that in a little under two years our humble Forums have amassed over five thousand messages. Add to that nearly a thousand weblog comments, hundreds of DVD entries, and dozens of photos and you’ve got an impressive little community of guests. All of us here at iWalt.com would like to say thanks for sticking around to play along with our little obsession.

Tonight’s micro-project was to make our RSS feeds validate. Which we accomplished. A few other projects are percolating their way to the top of our to-do list but are still waiting out some prior commitments.

Zeldman: “Many web designers do not see this kind of reductionism as design at all. For them, the labor of design consists in the crafting of many visual elements. For us, the labor of design consists in the proportioning and positioning of only those elements that are needed.” Right on. I’m glad Zeldman is finally redesigning. Now he can practice what he preaches.