October 18, 2002



Okay, it all started when Apple gave iTunes some nice AppleScript hooks. All of a sudden it was easy for other apps to know what was going on with iTunes. Then someone made the obvious connection to the web, an AppleScript which collected the iTunes information and sent it in a text file to an FTP server. Rachelle uses this method on her site and it’s pretty cool. I wanted more customizability though. Then waferbaby came out with his own method and, recently, released the source code. His method generates PHP variables rather than plaintext. A step forward but not what I was after.

For months now, in scraps of spare time, I’ve been working on a project which transmits more data in a more web-servicey way. It runs like an app on your desktop. It’s got a GUI. It pings the server over XML-RPC. It detects whether certain pieces of software are running and, if possible, what they’re doing. It lets the user configure some of the settings. It’s pretty darn cool.

Introducing Pingthing. I’m off to bed.

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