November 15, 2002

Made My Peace

Ah, the simple joy of having clean, dry towels in the morning. I don’t know about you but I think towels just don’t dry as quickly in the winter months. This creates two problems. One, when you get out of your nice, warm shower in the mornings you have to face a moist, ice cold towel. Two, the perpetual sogginess encourages mold factors. So I made a special laundry trip last night specifically for the towels. And we will be investigating methods for getting them dry faster.

As if by magic, those of you who’ve installed the Forum searching channel for Sherlock will find that there are some improvements today. (You don’t even have to reinstall.) First, I noticed that searching for strings with spaces in them (a la “star wars”) broke the searcher. Second, I noticed that when Sherlock was expanded to full screen, you couldn’t click on the table’s scroll bar if your mouse was flush with the right hand side of the screen, as you should. Third, the object at the bottom which displays the full forum message has been upgraded from a text view to an HTML view which means bigger, better fonts, links in the messages, bold and italic formatting, and line breaks.

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