November 8, 2002

Missed It By That Much

I forgot my umbrella on the BART this morning. My shoes have become squeaky and are giving me callouses. I left the power cord for my laptop at home this morning and have to ration the battery power. Oh well, I guess it’s not that bad.

I’m currently waiting for the latest version of OmniGraffle to finish downloading so I can see whether I can reproduce a content map better in it than I can in ConceptDraw or whether I have to use Illustrator. Oh, how I hate them all so much. But that’s really another rant entirely. I have a feeling though that if my computer had a better video card then OmniGraffle wouldn’t get so sluggish when I’m dragging dozens of Quartz-rendered widgets around the screen. Maybe I should just buy a GeForce4 Ti for my work computer. Nah.

The signs continue to emerge by the way. First, Apple releases fabulous new PowerBooks. Then, the opening day of the Emeryville Apple Store is announced. Now, out of nowhere, my credit card company offers to up my limit. It’s clearly meant to be. Right?

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