November 28, 2002

Turkey Day

The sky over Highway 101.

Happy Thanksgiving wishes from Santa Rosa! Sean has already fired up a Thanksgiving forum subject. So if you happen to be visiting Ye Olde this fabulous four-day weekend, drop in and say hi.

There’s been lots of great stuff to blog about recently but I haven’t been finding the time. One interesting bit (to me anyway) is John Gruber’s rant on the shortcomings of Mac OS X’s “Finder”. He hits the nail so painfully on the head.

Finally, writing the PHP code that handles URL requests from mod_rewrite is a huge pain. It all seems to be working at the moment but there’s always some new exception to discover. If you’re having trouble with anything please let me know. Thanks.

[Also: The drive up was trafficky and brutal but the sunset was colorful and lovely.]

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