December 31, 2002

Down to the Wire

Order prints with iPhoto.

iPhoto is currently in the process of uploading the Festivus photos. Which is good because there’s only 21.5 hours left until the offer expires and I want to enjoy my New Year’s Eve. Thanks to everyone who got some prints. Between the 48 photos that were ordered and the 44 that I added and the eight cards I made we managed to take full advantage of the offer that came with my .Mac membership.

Speaking of .Mac, my sister Nani put together a little digital movie a while back on my laptop while I was home for Thanksgiving. We’ve now got it hosted on Apple’s server. You should be able to play it but I haven’t built a real page for it yet so let me know if you have any problems. You’ll need QuickTime of course.

Finally this evening I’ve made some behind the scenes changes to the weblog. Now I can use any blog software which supports the MetaWeblog API to edit this weblog. For example, I’m currently using the NetNewsWire Pro beta rather than my homegrown Blogizer which was fun to build but tended to need a lot of maintenance.

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