December 12, 2002


Tonight, the home page builds itself about 10 times faster than it used to thanks to a smarter database query to determine whether there are unread weblog comments. This tweak should improve the load time of all the weblog pages. It took me quite a while to find the offending subroutine that was causing the sluggishness but then again I rarely do much optimizing.

I’m also very happy to note that Blogdex is finally indexing this site after much inexplicable ignorance and much whining by yours truly.

Finally, I was also excited to discover that middle-clicking links in Chimera opens the URL in a new tab. Which is quite nice. Also, the small toolbar icons were optimized to leave less vertical whitespace around them which reclaimed hundreds of precious pixels. It just gets better and better.

[Also: I can’t find a single person in Northern California who is enough of a Star Trek geek to wanna see Nemesis on opening day. Grr.]

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