December 18, 2002

The Goose Is Getting Fat

I am not the goose. I am down to the tightest notch on my belt. I would compare my current weight to my college weight but I have no figures for either and am wearing a different belt these days. It suffices to say I am slimmer. I owe this primarily to my NorCal lifestyle which involves more walking, less drive-thru, and even the occasional hike. But none of this is neither here nor there.

The Festivus will shortly be drawing to a close so if you’d like a free print of any of the photos in the photo section please make your selections soon. Thanks to everyone who’s placed an order so far.

We here at the ‘Walt are looking forward to a winter break which will decend upon us in two short days like so much warm glowing television, soft leather couches, and loving friends and family. If you’re in our neck of the woods, look us up.