January 16, 2003

Ico Ico Aye? Nay.

I tried to get into the whole URI icon buzz which seems to have flurried through the Mac community recently. Several weblogs have mentioned that people are finally waking up to Favicons since Safari supports them. When Mozilla started supporting icons in the URI field I finally added one to this site. At the time, I got the impression that Mozilla supported PNG graphics while Microsoft required ICO files. Chimera, inexplicably, doesn’t seem to support PNG icons so this time around I wanted to cover all my bases and include both ICO and PNG icons. Here’s my conclusion: ICO can bite my shiny metal ass.

Using the ICO format seems incredibly complicated, please correct me if I’m wrong: the alpha channel is only 1 bit, you have to place the ICO file in root of your web directory, it must be named favicon.ico, the only Mac browser which only supports ICO is Chimera (why?!) and I can’t even get it to recognize mine, and it’s a royal pain in the ass to even build an ICO file on a Mac.

So I’m sticking with my PNG icon which is beautifully smoothed, is where I want it to be in my file structure, is named what I want it to be named, works in Safari and Mozilla, and is a cinch to produce. Chimera and every other browser which is lagging with mere ICO support just needs to get with the program. Any thoughts?