January 21, 2003

Monster Makeover

Trump the Monster

The fine folks over at Monster have gone and slapped a new face on the popular job site’s home page. Quite a few faces actually. Apparently it’s a whole campaign called Monster Works which emphasizes the positive experience everyone has while using Monster’s services. It’s all very Switcher-esque. Which is fine. Schwab is doing it too. The campaigns are different enough to not seem like a rip-off. Unlike Microsoft’s phony switch nonsense.

There’s lots of nice-ish stuff about the new Monster home page. The ads are moved to the bottom of the page. The employer and seeker buttons are still big and obvious. (Though maybe becoming a little too big and obvious?) And there’s sort of a general, less-cluttered, feeling. All of which is fine.

For the life of me though, I don’t understand why there’s still no form on the home page to search for jobs. Instead I have to click in to get to that form. And then I don’t even get the form. I get a sales pitch. Granted, the sales pitch is for a free service, but now I have to opt-out of this pitch and click another button. Now I get the form. But that was three clicks. Three clicks plus the annoyance of having to opt-out.

You might think that three clicks and an opt-out isn’t that much to ask for, but jumping through these sorts of hoops is what turn people off your web tools, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

(This completely constructive criticism was brought to you by a loyal and hard-working employee of Monster’s parent company who has absolutely nothing to do with Monster but longs for all web software to be a little more usable. No, a lot more usable.)

[P.S. The answer, by the way, is no. I don’t sleep.]