January 3, 2003


The rumor mill for this season’s MacWorld Expo announcements is getting into full spin. I love it. Especially the bit about Apple’s application for a patent on enclosures which emit programmable patterns of light. Weird. I can just see the iPods now, rendering the same visualizations as iTunes but through their skin. Wacky. Reminds me of the luminescent nanosites from The Diamond Age.

New versions of iCal and iSync came out this morning. At first, the new iCal was crashing consistently about a minute after launch but now it seems to have calmed down. It’s curious that new iApps would be released prior to the MacWorld Expo keynote.

What else? We’re settling back in here. Taking out the trash, washing the dishes, planning to vacuum soon. Exciting stuff. Oh, check this out, when was the last time your landlady paid you back the interest on your security desposit? Never? Me neither, until now.

Finally, Rachelle asked how to convert AVI video files from Canon digital cameras to other formats. It is possible, and very easy, to do this with QuickTime Player Pro. Just pop open the AVI and choose Export from the File menu. I took a 10 second shot of my desk (AVI, 1.8 MB), removed the sound, exported to QuickTime format (MOV, 2.4 MB) and MPEG-4 (MP4, 1.0 MB) with the default settings. The MPEG-4 is excellent quality at about half the size of the AVI. Pretty nice.

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