February 26, 2003

Go, Go, Gadget Lust

Sony Ericsson P800

I bought a Palm III in college for calendar, address book, and note-taking purposes. I made good use of it for years but eventually issues with Palm’s sync support for Mac OS X and finally hardware failure led me to drop-kick the damn thing into the trash. I also had a cell phone for a good two or three years. First a Nokia 6185 then a Samsung N200. However, after Spring PCS overcharged me to the tune of $800 over the course of six months (most of which was painstakingly recovered) and with Tabitha and I moving in together, I decided to tell Sprint where they could stick it. Since then I’ve been like a gadget junkie on rehab: trying to kick the habit, shaking off the shakes, counting the days until I fall off the wagon, waiting for real convergence of PDA and cell phone technologies.

The Sony Ericsson P800 is the new most likely candidate for pushing me off the cliff of gadget independence. Email, web, phone, pda, symbian, triband, bluetooth, ssh, keypad, stylus, camera, color, games, audio, video, and you know Apple will support it. Hopefully, six months or so after this phone hits the market, Amazon will have some kind of $100 w/activation deal. Drool.

The Register: “As early reviews indicate, it’s a great phone and a thoroughly respectable PDA, all in one, at a price that undercuts todays PDAs.” Gizmodo: “If you’ve got any dirt on this, let us know.” Steven Frank: “I’m very, very interested in the forthcoming Sony-Ericsson P800 phone.”

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