March 23, 2003

Dear IE 5.2.2 for Mac OS X,

When I tell you to make a DIV 520 pixels wide, you had better make that DIV 520 pixels wide. Not 521 pixels. 521 is not the same as 520. It’s a completely different number. It screws everything up. I know you’re probably confused because there are elements within the DIV which are stretching it, but there’s really no reason they should be. Every other browser willed into existence in the past several years is capable of properly handling the nested elements. Why can’t you be more like them? And what is with your insistence on caching the stylesheet? Seriously. Do you think I like having to constantly reload it? I don’t. Shape up IE 5.2.2 for Mac OS X. Shape up or go away forever. Thanks.

[Also: Allegedly, Safari v67 is niiice. Nice new features. Still need to fix those tabs though. Not that I have a copy or anything.]

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