March 9, 2003

Listening To Lessig

Lawrence Lessig is talking about copyright. (Big surprise.) I ’m so happy to be here after listening to his OSCON speech litterally dozens of times in Flash and MP3.

It’s great to see such a packed room of SXSWers who are interested in these issues. He’s still singing the same song as he was in the OSCON presentation but now, since the Supreme Court case was lost, it has a slightly different sound. More “this is still right” than “we have the opportunity to correct”.

Learning more about Eldred and what he’s trying to do than I really understood before. This presentation has grown quite a bit since OSCON. Much improved. Excellently well-argued points. I hope someone is recording the audio this time around as well.

[Also: Here’s who’s blogging at SXSW.]

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