March 2, 2003


I hardly ever get to take advantage of my laptop’s wireless internet capabilities so I feel I must brag about the fact that I’m sitting in a cafe. Free connection. That’s why they got my business. That’s why I’m willing to spend almost $2 on a tiny italian soda with too little syrup. It’s all about the free connection. And a full battery.

[Update: I’ve been sitting here five minutes and I’ve already helped someone configure his 12” PowerBook’s AirPort settings and showed him how to set the AirPort software to automatically connect to the best signal. Interestingly, Apple ships the new PowerBooks with a thin sheet of foam to protect the screen when it’s closed. Good idea. Better would be to make it so the keys didn’t touch the screen but whatever. The guy was annoyingly not into his $2K toy. Helped him anyway.]

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