March 20, 2003


Powell and Market is currently gridlocked due to a mob of peaceful protesters pulling an impromptu sit-in in the intersection.

The crowd grew quickly. Two busloads of police arrived. With amazing effectiveness and minimal baton jabbing they cleared the intersection. The crowds are pushed back to the sidewalk and out of the intersection now.

The protesters have regrouped further down Market Street. The crowd remains peaceful and vocal. Police are poised to control the crowd.

The Chronicle is covering the protests in San Francisco.

Some of the protesters have been isolated. About a kajillion plastic handcuffs are being prepared. The police and the protesters have shifted positions several times. The protesters are chanting for the police to release the detained protesters.

I snapped more photos while walking through the crowds. The police came and went twice, each time collecting a small batch of protesters to arrest. The intersection seems much calmer now. More activity is happening up the street but it’s a bit too far away to describe.

[Also: I’m compiling a set of protest photos I’ve taken yesterday and today. I’ll be adding to it as I collect more photos.]

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