March 8, 2003

Southwest To SXSW

If you’ve become accustomed to “ticketless” travel (as I have) then you know it’s not really ticketless. You have to bring a printout of your confirmation e-mail to the airport. Unless, however, you’re flying on a frequent flyer credit. In that case, not bringing the phyiscal slip of frequent flyer paper to the airport results in confusion, supressed anger, missed flights, huge favors from girlfriends who weren’t expecting to take BART to Oakland that day, rescheduled later flights, and getting into Austin hours later than expected. Oh well. All’s well that ends well. (Thanks again Tabitha!)

The other thing which surprised me at the airport was how regular “ticketless” travel actually is ticketless now. All you need now is your frequent flyer card, flight number, and confirmation number. The best part of this new arrangement is that you don’t have to stand in that ridiculous check-in line anymore. No plastic boarding passes, no inane questions. “Have your hands or eyes left your bags for even a fraction of a second since the moment you finished packing them?” No, of course not. What, do I have ‘death wish’ tattoed to my forehead?

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