March 18, 2003

Vistin' Home

So Tabitha and I headed up to Santa Rosa once again this weekend. She to visit with her family and I with mine. My visit included (but was not limited to) eyeing a very large rock which I may someday help to move a short distance, tossing the football with Dad and Bryce, getting frustrated with Nani at iMovie 3 (more on that in a moment), helping Mom with her as-yet-unveiled project, chatting with Dad about the nuances of digital photo management, visiting the batting cages with Bryce and Art, waking up on the couch in the middle of the night in agonizing leg muscle cramp pain, throwing Bowski’s ball again, and again, and again, and a roundtrip drive up and down Highway 101.

As to iMovie 3 and the unpleasantness. Nani has forged into being an awesome feature-length movie of their trip to (and hike into/out of) the Grand Canyon. However, iMovie has known issues (known to those who read the support sites regularly, unknown to those who do not) with audio synchronization. Essentially, the longer your movie is, the more out-of-sync the audio will become on export. Worse, because it’s iMovie, there are very few options for working around the problem. I do have one lead which I’m anxious to try. More on this when we make some progress.

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