March 13, 2003

You Never Can Tell

Every so often I come up with some kind of hairbrained scheme. It usually involves going somewhere expensive or starting a project which would take months or years to finish. So a couple of weeks ago as Tabitha and I were getting off BART in North Berkeley…

Tabitha: “I’ve got a week or so off at the end-of-May-beginning-of-June.” Me: [Eyebrows wiggling.] “We should go some place fancy. Maybe Paris?” Fast forward several weeks…

We are going to Paris.

We’re very excited about this. We’ve got tickets. We’re working on hotels. One of us doesn’t have his passport together quite yet, but he’s making progress. I’m still not completely aware that this is really happening. Hoping the bullshit relaxes a bit in the next few months. Very happy to be able to go with Tabitha. More on this as it develops.

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