April 28, 2003

Apple Music

Not surprisingly, I think Apple’s new music services are pretty slick. Rather surprising, however, is that everyone else in the world seems to agree. Apple is demonstrating once again that interface, integration, and experience are critical to the business plan and I suspect they’re poised to make a fortune from their new technologies.

My favorite feature of the Music Store has got to be the samples. I’m not sure, but I think you can sample every track in the system. And since the store is integrated into iTunes, you don’t need other music software or plugins.

It’s great to see that Rendezvous has finally made it into iTunes 4. Here’s my question about Rendezvous: Is there a way to build a network of peers rather than rely on it to find my peers on a local network? I want to detect the shared music libraries of my friends and family who may be outside of my local network.

And finally, Tabitha should be thrilled because it looks as though Apple has finally taken her advice and rounded off the previously sharp corners of the iPod.