April 23, 2003


Six Apart, the mom and pop weblog publishing software company behind the phenomenal Movable Type product, made some exciting announcements today foremost among them being the forthcoming launch of a hosted service, TypePad. It’s similar to Blogger, but powered by Movable Type-style technology. Progress on Movable Type Pro, additional employees, and new sources of funding were also mentioned.

This is great news because Six Apart has created a tool superior to most others (like Blogger and Radio) but has always been constrained by a rather complicated installation process and funky technical requirements. Now, the rapidly growing blogger market will be able to initialize a Movable Type installation on a central server with comparative ease. Phenomenal.

Also, congratulations to Rachelle for scooping me on the coolest news twice in as many days. I’m losing my omniwebconscious edge.

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