May 12, 2003

Deja Vu

The obligatory movie review: On Friday night Tabitha and I went to see the X-Men sequel. It was probably marginally superior to the first one but the franchise doesn’t really capture my interest and I made the mistake of watching too many X2 trailers and commercials and so forth. By the time I saw the movie I was just waiting for it to end.

The obligatory weekend wrap-up: We took some stuff to the dump, we did some shopping, I drove to Santa Rosa for Mother’s Day, there was a Mother’s Day feast, flowers and cards, followed by a Mother’s Day outing to the gourmet gardening supply store, I stayed later than I probably should have and got back to Berkeley after midnight, and promptly passed out.

The obligatory geek rant: Here’s what I want from the powers that be in the near-future. First, a high-quality Matrix screen saver for Mac OS X. Preferably open source so I can muck with the code for fun. Second, Invader Zim on DVD. I’ve probably asked for one or both of those before but they seem like such popular and doable things. Why not?

The obligatory “damn I’m tired” whinefest: What is wrong with me? I get a decent amount of sleep. I’ve been in permazombie mode today. I don’t remember either ride on the BART although I’m sure I went to work because I remember churning through at least two large sets of documents and writing about a dozen emails. Even the tea I just polished off isn’t making a dent.

The obligatory snooze: Zzz…

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