May 20, 2003

RSS for Employment Websites, Part Two

Two months ago today I floated an idea which received almost no attention. Even from the various employee recruitment geeks who frequent this site. The idea was RSS for Employment Websites, an RSS specification designed for job postings. Since then, the concept of RSS for Weblogs has been circulated. Similarly, it calls for “a profile of RSS specific to weblogs.” This makes me think that RSS profiling isn’t too crazy an idea and reinforces my belief that RSS for Employment Websites would be a valuable and possibly profitable killer app in the recruitment marketing space.

Last time I talked about the benefits of aggregators as opposed to other web apps like browsers and email clients. Now, consider the sellable aspects of the idea. First, every career website on the internet will need a feed. The format would be open but incorporating the feeds into existing applicant tracking systems would be an up-sell. Companies that build the most compliant, efficient, and robust feeds into their existing job search services would benefit. Then there’s the aggregator. Again, since the format is open anyone could build an aggregator but end users would pay for a high quality aggregator which included customizable settings beyond the list of feeds the user subscribes to. To get users hooked, aggregator builders could produce a free “lite” version.

More on this again soon.